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Sigma Omega Phi establishes its first collegiate chapter at Texas Southern University.
First black Greek frat for masculine-identified women on a college campus in US

ATLANTA, GA --- October 13, 2016 -- Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity, Inc (SOP) is pleased to announce that it will colonize its first collegiate chapter on the campus of Texas Southern University (TSU) in the Spring of 2017. The Eta Alpha Chapter of SOP at TSU is the first African American gay Greek chapter on a college campus in the United States. SOP is a fraternity of masculine-identified women founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Amber Moore in 2008 with a vision to create an exemplary and thriving national Greek-lettered organization.

According to Roni Stewart, National Executive Director of SOP, "The establishment of Eta Alpha Chapter is a reflection of our expanded vision and mission from a purely national organization to one that will accommodate young college-age women who are often struggling to find their place. We know the struggle, and we are going to be there to support masculine-identified college women."

To dutifully provide the entire community with the assets, tools, philosophies and principles that will produce physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, educational, political, economic, social and artistic growth and prosperity.

- The Community and media shows butch, masculine identifed gay females in a negative light; we, Sigma Omega Phi fraternity, inc. has and will continue to change those images even within our own eyes.

- Masculine identified gay females must have a vehicle to form bonds of not just friendship but true bruhhood.

- We have programs for our members that help to develop them as members as well as outside of the fraternity.

- In being member, you must take an oath to loyalty, honesty and intregity. Each member takes an oath to uphold those three words to the fraternity. Each member understands it because she lives it daily.

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