Sigma Omega Phi Announces Their
Support For Hillary

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Fall 2016 Applications
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National Office Address
1530 DeKalb Avenue, STE A
Atlanta,GA 30307

Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity, Incorporated is a non-collegiate, social service fraternity for lesbian women everywhere that consider themselves to be dominate, aggressive or stud. We strive to expound excellence in ourselves, others, as well as our community. It is our goal to give dominate lesbian woMEN everywhere a greater ability to express themselves, work for their communities, as well as, enjoy the Greek Fraternity experience free of prejudice or injustice...thus making our organization a PHORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!
To dutifully provide the entire community with the assets, tools, philosophies and principles that will produce physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, educational, political, economic, social and artistic growth and prosperity.
Sigma Omega Phi's mission is to provide a positive image of a masculine identified gay female along with educating and servicing the community.
- The Community and media shows butch, masculine identifed gay females in a negative light; we, Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity, Inc. has and will continue to change those images not only within our own eyes but in the public.

- Masculine identified gay females must have a vehicle for forming bonds of not just friendship but true bruhhood.



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